Apple to soon lauch iOS 16.2

Apple to soon lauch iOS 16.2 which integrates 5G mobile network

Author : Yusha Rahman

Customers in India who have been waiting for 5G internet on their iPhones now have a reason to celebrate. Apple has stated that iOS 16.2, the upcoming iPhone update, will include 5G compatibility for iPhone users in India who are connected to Airtel or Jio networks.

According to recent reports, Apple is preparing to roll out iOS 16.2, the follow-up update to the iOS 16 operating system, which could happen in mid-December. While many are speculating that the launch might happen in the middle of December, the company has not yet revealed the precise rollout date.

The most recent significant iPhone software update from Apple was iOS 16. Following the release of iOS 16, Apple issued an update with bug fixes and other improvements called iOS 16.1. Now, the upcoming iOS 16.2 beta will give users on the Airtel and Jio networks access to faster 5G connectivity.

In response to requests from the Indian government to enable 5G services on its devices in India, Apple previously declared that it would release the required software update for consumers in December. The beta rollout that follows will give Apple the data it needs to address any service issues that will come after this.

In a statement, Apple said that it was collaborating with carrier partners to offer iPhone consumers the 5G experience as soon as network validation and performance testing are complete.

Participants in the Apple Beta Software Programme on Airtel and Jio will be able to test out 5G after the following week of the update. Before the software is made available to the general public, users can test out pre-release versions and use the newest features thanks to the Apple Beta Software Programme.

Users can also give Apple feedback on product quality and usability during this time. Users must sign up separately for the beta program, which is not advised for regular users because the software updates are occasionally glitchy and not the final product.

5G is compatible with Apple's iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 series phones, as well as the third-generation iPhone SE models. The beta software update for all these devices will be released the following week, followed by the full update in December.


Some other features of iOS 16.2

In iOS 16.2, you will be able to notify the company when Emergency SOS has unintentionally been activated. 

The new crash detection feature in the iPhone 14 lineup activates Emergency SOS if it thinks you've been in a car crash and don't respond. Emergency SOS can send your location to specific contacts and contact emergency services, so having it activated automatically following a crash could be genuinely helpful. 

However, there have been reports that the feature has unintentionally triggered some riders on roller coasters, resulting in 911 calls even though there isn't an emergency. It also turned on for one person whose iPhone flew off their motorcycle; the owner was unharmed, but his family became alarmed when they got texts saying he had been in an accident.

The device's crash detection algorithms were verified using more than a million hours of data and actual driving, and the results showed that the feature is extremely accurate in detecting severe crashes. This new reporting feature, which was added to the initial iOS 16.2 developer beta that was made available on Tuesday, shows Apple is receptive to feedback from iPhone 14 users that may help it improve its crash detection technologies. When you exit Emergency SOS mode on iOS 16.2, the reporting prompt will appear.

According to this first developer beta, iOS 16.2 is going to be a significant update. Along with the new Emergency SOS reporting prompt, Apple also updated the HomeKit architecture, added the Freeform whiteboard app, and added Stage Manager's external display support for iPads with M1 chips in the iPadOS 16.2 beta.

With iOS 16.2, Apple is anticipated to reintroduce the Live Activities integration. Users will be able to follow updates on the iPhone lock screen or, if they have an iPhone 14 Pro, the dynamic island, which will update with real-time scores, to follow sporting events in real-time.

Additionally, a new "Sleep" widget will be added to the lock screen, allowing users to view the quantity and quality of their slumber.


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