Tv Finder


If you are planning to buy a new TV and is confused about which one to buy, then our Infifo TV finder can help you resolve the issue. This tool can help you find your next TV by letting you know all the best options available in the market. We constantly update the database so that our users can choose from the largest and the newest collection of TV available in the Indian market.

The tool will provide you with the detailed specifications of TV, along with prices and photos.

Brand: There are numerous brands and their offerings to explore and choose from. The tool has brands ranging from established TV manufacturers like Sony and Samsung to relatively young companies like Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc. You may view all of your top brands at once by using the filters below, and you can easily modify the search to meet your preferences.

Screen type: Unlike earlier, now we have an era of Smart TVs which are available in different screen types, for example: LCD, FED, Plasma, QLED, etc.

Screen size: Apart from the screen type, the size of the screen also plays an important role when purchasing a TV. You can choose between a screen size that ranges from below 24 inches to above 65.1 inches.

Resolution standard: This determines how many pixels the display of your TV has. The higher the pixel, the cleaner the display. While currently the standard resolution of a TV is 4K, many people still purchase TVs with the lower resolution standard, which is as low as 1080-pixels.

Similarly, there are other features like the battery type of the remote, the number of HDMI Or USB connections, the type of internet connectivity the TV has, etc. Apart from the above mentioned features, it is also important to enter the price range between which you want to purchase your TV.