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Some techniques to increase the battery life of your smartphone

Author : Yusha Rahman

Smartphones with low battery capacity can be troublesome as these devices have become the centre of our lives today. This is why many mobile phones have come with higher battery capacity. But with higher processor speed, more brightness and many other features, the battery drains fast.

Manufacturers and users have to rely on the software features of lithium-ion batteries to maximise their lives. Hence, here are some tricks associated with the change in software that will increase the battery life of your smartphones.

Switch to power saving mode:
Putting your smartphone in power-saving mode can reduce battery consumption. Thus, it can prevent the fast drainage of the battery. The power saving reduces the refresh rate of the screen. It also disables features like syncing and location services.

You can also customise your phone by removing it from "Always On Display," which caps CPU speed at 70% or lowers brightness by 10%.

Reduce the screen's brightness:
Smartphones' large, bright screens quickly deplete batteries. You probably don't need to use your device's brightest setting until you are not in the sun. Go to the Display settings to lower the screen's brightness. Additionally, you can change the brightness there by using the pull-down menu. While you're at it, turning off auto brightness could be a good idea. This feature can adjust your display's brightness to meet your expectations.

If your phone has an AMOLED screen, switching to dark mode or night mode will significantly extend battery life. AMOLED screens can save power by turning off particular pixels when the background is deep black.

There are several alternatives, including setting a dark background, enabling a dark theme for the entire interface, and enabling dark mode in compatible Android applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

Disable automatic wi-fi features:
Android has a feature that continuously looks for open networks even when Wi-Fi is disabled. Because the service constantly runs in the background, the battery is secretly drained, so you should turn the wi-fi off if not in use.

Switch off active listening
If you wake your voice assistant with a wake phrase, your smartphone is constantly listening to you and consuming battery life. You could find this beneficial, but it uses more energy than it does. Whether it's Google Assistant or Samsung's Bixby, you can turn off this feature to save a little bit more power.

Turn off any background-running programmes:
Even if you are not using the apps, they continue to run in the background, which results in the depletion of the battery and the loss of data. You can turn off inactive apps in the battery or app power management settings. Activate background usage restrictions. In order to preserve battery life, it is advisable to put any unused apps to sleep.

On a regular basis, check the apps that drain your battery the fastest and disable or remove any outliers. You may decide which applications should be disabled when not in use and which should be permitted to operate in the background by viewing this data under battery use in Settings.

The methods mentioned above are some of the ways you can improve your phone's battery life using software settings. However, you can also make sure that your batteries' capacity is unharmed. The techniques listed below can help you increase the battery's capacity:

Partial charging:
Many smartphone owners prefer charging their smartphones all the way to 100% quite frequently. You may need to keep your phone on all day, but doing so has a negative impact on the battery. Furthermore, some people have the poor habit of using their phones until the battery is at 0% and then waiting to plug in the charger until the gadget shuts off. This, too, is harmful to the battery, so avoid doing it.

Thus, charging your smartphone partially and more frequently results in longer battery life. In addition to extending the battery life of your smartphone, doing this will maintain a healthy charging/discharging cycle.

Avoid trickle charging:
A common misconception is that trickle charging increases battery life. Consequently, many people leave their phones overnight to charge. This is not advisable. Instead of letting your phone sit overnight, it is advised that you charge it frequently. Instead of letting your phone charge all night, just charge it twice daily, in the morning and the evening.

Avoid using your phone while it is charging:
When your phone is in use and charging, the display, processor, GPU, and other apps consume all the power. As a result, the battery life of the device might be shortened due to overheating. The best way to avoid overload is to turn your device off while it is charging. You can still keep your workload extremely low while the device is plugged in to charge if turning it off is not an option. The battery life of your smartphone can be increased by doing this.

Avoid using cables and chargers that are not authorised:
Although using local cables or chargers might initially seem like a good idea, over time, it can have a negative impact on battery life. It is essential to use a charger and charging cable from a trusted manufacturer to guarantee that the battery's lifespan is maintained.


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